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Such a simple, short and pure word and –oh- so easy to utter. What does it entail, though? What does the word –encompass-? When it's breathed; shared between two people, is it something that connects the two on a different level? Is it something one can feel without the other? I don't think that anyone truly knows the meaning of the word – and it's not because no one can define it, it's merely because it's defined –differently- for each and every person.
Is it that moment when you look at that person, unblinking and not without awe that you experience it? Is it when he kisses you? Pressing his tentative lips up against yours and taking a hold of your heart, soul and your entire –being-? Is it that interruption in time when you realize that there's not –one- thing you would change about the person in front of you?  When you've decided that you're going to accept every single last one of his flaws and wish to nurture all of his virtues?
What does –falling- in love even entail?
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Blood Magic
She stood in front of the mirror that stretched from the ceiling all the way down to the floor. For a moment, she just watched herself. Her light blue eyes moved about the reflection, taking herself in. She wasn't -bad- looking. On the shorter side for a woman. She turned just slightly, looking at how the tight pants she wore hugged her womanly curves. There weren't many, but what she had was enough to suffice. The pants stopped right beneath her belly button, which was exposed to the droll, London light which could just have easily been described as overcast or a rainy day. Showing off a little skin, were we? A smile lit up her face for a second, but just as quickly, it was gone. Covering her chest was a white tank top, which struck brilliantly up against the dark, black color of her pants. It was one of those shirts that fit her perfectly; as soon as she'd tried it on in the store, she knew that she had to own it. It was nothing special, just a typical camisole - however, it covered
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Mature content
Journal Entries -- Feohra :iconimsoemokthx:imsoemokthx 0 0
Short (Insane) Story
She closed her eyes and looked up at the sky. It was raining, so the water hit her face as she spun around, arms stretched out until she couldn't reach any further. The Elven girl would appear delirious to anyone that was watching her from afar, and by all accounts, she -was-, but in her head, what she was doing made sense. Around, around, around in circles across the forest, as if a silent song was looping inside of her head.
She could almost picture him, the way that his face was contoured; the way that the corners of his lips quirked upward into a smirk; the way that his hat laid ever so tilted atop his head. She could remember the way that the man smelled, as if his fingertips were always on fire. She loved that smell, and she didn't dare to ever forget it. A deranged smile spread across her face, flashing her dangerous looking canines to anyone who happened to be watching her. She laughed then, giggling childishly. He was back, and he had proved that much to her only two nights ag
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Leona and Xin Zhao's Wedding
Leona had to face her parents. Despite her almost immediate decision that she wanted to go through with marrying Xin Zhao, her parents had decided that he was not the man she was to marry. They had some good points; he was much too old for her to begin with, and that much was true. He may not have the ambition or personality that they thought suited Leona, but she felt differently and she knew it deep down in her heart of hearts.
Xin hadn't taken the news too well. Once she told him how her parents had reacted this morning, she was able to see it in his eyes - he was saddened, but he also had hope that she would be able to talk them out of such a rash decision. After sharing a few choice words with him, she started back toward the mansion in hopes that they would listen to her.
This left her dashing through the small thicket behind her home. Leona barely knew the way through the woods, so with each step, it seemed like she was looking up in hopes of seeing her house come into view. Reg
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Akali and Shen
Akali looks over the piece of paper with a sigh. How could things go this far? How could things get so out of hand? She knew it wasn't right, but she'd let it run it's course, and now things were becoming real. They were becoming difficult to deal with, even. She'd never backed down when faced with a challenge, and she wouldn't now, but in the back of her mind, she was aware that she could have single-handedly prevented the whole thing with just a simple 'no, thank you'. But no; she had to be curious, she had to push things a step further, and she'd ended up here, with a piece of paper in her hand – orders to meet with the head of the Kinkou immediately.
As much as she attempted to deny it, the girl knew exactly what it was about. She could make up excuses as to why he wanted to meet with her all day and probably well into the night, but they would hold no water over the one thing that stuck out in her mind: she'd been seen, trapped in an intimate kiss with a man who'd worked alon
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The utopia of it all was overwhelming. Large structures around every corner, pristine waterfalls tumbling down from what seemed like the sky itself. The water covered every square inch of the city. It was cool and it felt wonderful to the touch. Clean, like glass. The sky was a constant soft purple, always seeming like dusk.
The most picturesque, though, was the dominant race that inhabited the city, the Elves. They appeared in all colors and sizes. There were thousands of them. Some wandering through the many twists and turns of the city to get to the place they so desired, some bathing beneath the cascade of the falls, their dark green or brightly hued purple hair reaching all the way down their backs. Each smiles at the other as they pass by, nodding their heads in a silent but warm greeting.
The walkways were paved in whitewash stone, tufts of grass poking through, desiring the natural sunlight. They spiraled and drove through all areas of the city, making it possible to reach any
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Mature content
Relations :iconimsoemokthx:imsoemokthx 1 0
She squinted her eyes as she followed him into the arena. She tilted her gaze up and looked at the hot sun, suddenly feeling warm. She heard his warm, familiar voice instruct her to follow him. Stealthing quickly, she found her place behind him and followed him into the huge, vacant space. The stood in silence for a long while.. waiting. Reaching up, she pushed back her headband and sighed quickly, the heat getting the better of her. Shaking her head, she flicked her eyes over to him and awaited her next instruction. Suddenly, she was aware of others. She narrowed her eyes and switched her gaze from one to the other, scanning each of their bodies and trying her best to judge their abilities.
     "It's almost time." He whispered to her. A short, stubby man wandered into the arena dragging a rather large chest behind him. He started to shout something about keeping their eyes on the prize. The strange, harsh accent sounded foreign to her long, slender ears. Just
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The word rung in her ears. She was surrounded.

The day had been long, trying, and hot. That was one of the things that she remembered: the heat as it dripped over her body; it clinging to her like sick jacket that threatened to smother her.

"Sacrifice 'er!"

Another shout from somewhere near the back of the mob. She flattened her ears, taking a step backward. The dry ground beneath her was uneven, so she stumbled, but regained her footing. In front of her were Trolls she knew- family she's grown up with. To the right, her father's longtime friend. Pain twisted his features, but revenge had gotten the better of him.

Revenge /always/ got the better of you.

Chomping at the bit behind him, but just as vicious (if not moreso) than he was his mate: a small thing with several piercings and warlike facial paint. Her eyes seared- she would stand by him until the day he died.

Tulushi could only listen to one thing and make sense of it: the increasingly loud looping of phrases like "run!", "get out of here before they kill you!" and "fight back! stand up for yourself!": anecdotes, surely- small reassurances.

The writhing, twisting mob began to swim before her. Was it getting hotter? The humidity clawed at her and she could feel the sweat dripping down her back.

Abruptly, someone grabbed her shoulder, tearing her from her thoughts and jerking her toward the disgusted group in front of her. Within seconds, she felt whitehot pain shoot upward from her neck before it rang throughout. Everything went black.


Several minutes later, she came to. A quick glance reinforced that she was somewhere she'd never been, but regardless of location, she was still in Stranglethorn. She wrapped her fingers around the woodmade bars that'd been reinforced with thick rope and attempted to look up at the Trolls that had gathered around her. A quick shake of the bars ensured the closest group's attention- a poor choice on her part.

"She be wakin' up mon- what we be doin' wit' t'e traitorous whore?" The words dripped from his mouth like venom.

A female standing next to the group cackled loudly. "We roast 'er until she passes out, t'en eat 'er flesh straight from 'er bones!"

Another male, this one taller and with a deeper, commanding tone grabbed the female's shoulder, snarling.

"We not be 'urtin' her, we be sacrificin' her as an apology- you be stickin' to t'e plan or I be sacrificin' you too, girly-" He growled, then dug his fingernails into the aforementioned woman's flesh. He eyed her before letting go, then closed the gap between hisself and Tulushi. He gave the girl a once over before pulling the cage open and grabbing her by her hair. Tulushi winced. "T'at don' mean I ca'nae have a little fun wit' 'er before she goes-"

Heedlessly, he palmed one of he breasts through her shoddy clothing and held her flush against hisself by use of his hand that'd been tangled into her long, braided back mess atop her head. Tulushi pushed him backward into the group and snarled, staring the male down. Without a second thought, he advanced on her and drove his fist directly into her temple.

The world around her disappeared.


Night had fallen and had drowned the jungle in blackness. Stars twinkled out from behind the mess of leaves that blanketed Stranglethorn, shedding little to no light on the shadows that lurked beneath.

Normally, rousing at this hour would be a pleasant experience.

Tulushi awoke to the smell of burning flesh.

Pain seared through her entire body, clawing at her flesh and ripping through her insides. She screamed, pushing herself off the ground and arching her back as she dug her fingers into the earth.

The same male from earlier was branding her right shoulder in an attempt to prove to her who she belonged to. When he was finished, a faint outline of a winged serpent was visible for all to see: she belonged to Hakkar.

Afterward, he released her and she fell against the ground, writhing in the dirt while pain lingered and pulsed like waves. She took deep breaths, mentally recounting the seconds it took before her captor spoke.

"Joo be fightin' back and I be makin' it worse fer ya'." He prodded the small fire he'd built with the branding tool he'd put to use only minutes ago, searing her flesh from the whitehot iron.

Without warning, he grabbed her, then flipped her over before her slammed her shoulder into the earth. "Joo hear me, girly?" Tulushi began to pant out of fear, then nodded once. She could feel as her tears began their betrayal, dripping from the corners of her eyes past her temples.

"Stop yer pathetic snivelin'- unda' stand yer useless now t'at ya' fadda' got 'imself killed. Joo have no family here, and more importantly, no friends- joo be worth nothin' else so we be sacraficin' ya to Hakkar." He sneered in the disgusting, pervy way she was hoping he'd wholly avoid.

Somewhere along the line, he'd managed to remove her clothing, which wasn't much a challenge looking back. To deter the heat, Tulushi was dressed in little else aside from something to cover her top and lower half. The dressings themselves had been sewed together and were made out of a thick, dark leather. Panther hide, perhaps.

She felt a knee between her thighs, then pain as he pressed it into her sex.

At first, she rebelled. This was your typical knee jerk reaction to anything of this nature, of course, and the male expected it. Tulushi's father had taught her well, but well enough ward off a male double her size? It was doubtful. Relentlessly, she pushed at him, clawed at his flesh and left him with open wounds. He retaliated by grabbing her wrists and putting so much pressure on her body that he threatened to break her bones. She winced.

Minutes went by, and the female's cries rung through the night. They were almost wholly useless, however, as anyone near enough to respond either sided with the male or simply didn't care enough to respond. Trolls were Trolls, after all, and a fresh slaughter that heeded food was oftentimes vastly more important than anything else.

Tulushi fought until there was no fight left in her: until the male Troll /broke/ her. Her cries subsided and gave way to desperate whimpering, and her fight was little else than a nuisance.

Submitting, she closed her eyes- her tears had clouded any and all vision she had on the male by this point, and so when he reached for his grossly engorged penis, she barely responded.

All she could do now was hope to black out a third time.


The morning light wasn't what roused Tulushi from her slumber- no. It was the hard slap delivered by the very same male that'd used her body as little more than a conduit the night before. She opened her eyes, then spit out a sticky mess of blood.

The sun was high in the sky, burning bright and overwhelmingly hot. She lofted her ears and listened for the once comforting sounds of the jungle, but the only thing she could perceive was death. Cicadas chirped from high in the canopy, marking that they were deep within the confines of summer. Woozily, Tulushi lifted her head. How long had it been since she slept? She lifted both brows in an attempt to gain her captor's attention, but he was already smiling in that abhorrent way she'd witnessed before he.. she gasped, hanging her head.

"Ah, joo be awake, tigress."

She was parched. Suddenly, her mouth felt as dry as the sands of the desert itself, and all she could do was beg for water. The male seemed to contemplate her plea, and even reached for the water-skin at his hip. Slowly and lackadaisically, he closed the gap between hisself and her, then unscrewed the top of the skin, but used his free hand to grab her between her legs. She winced.

"Joo moan for me, an I be givin' ya water." He stated, voice unwavering. She felt as his long fingers slid inside of her. Her stomach lurched.

He began to finger her in a way that mate or lover would when trying to please a woman. This act alone, however, was far from what she desired, and left her cold and unfeeling.

At first.

He lent toward her, pressing his mid-sized tusks up against her cheek. "Joo cum for me, an' ya get ta' drink." His thumb rotated against her clit. Overwhelm seized her, and she began to sob. It wasn't silent sobbing either- it was loud caterwauling.

"Leave me!" She shouted through her tears. "Leave me to die or sacrifice me!" Her voice cut through the heat, echoing throughout the jungle.

He didn't let up.

Several minutes passed as he worked at her. She felt his grossly hot tongue against her ear, and how his cock grew harder with each sob beneath his leathers. She was disgusted. Disgusted with him and disgusted with herself. Silently, she begged him to stop; pleaded with him in her head to slit her throat.

It simply got worse.

Her body began to betray her. The stimulation was enough to hike up her pulse and leave her with a rapidly beating heart. She hung her head against his shoulder, completely defeated as pangs of pleasure blossomed between her thighs.

"T'at's it girly, I can feel ya' gettin' wet." He whispered huskily. Impatiently, he palmed his cock through his pants. She could hear him as he panted lustily into her ear. This nauseated her.

Eventually, her body gave in to the repeated pump of his fingers and she gasped against his sickly, green flesh. Her chest heaved with the effects of her unwanted orgasm, but instead of stopping, he pulled his sex from the confines of his pants and pushed it inside of her.

She clung to his shoulder, holding him tight to her body as he began to pump directly into her.

"Ah girly, joo be so tight. It be a shame when I finally get rid a' ya'." He slid his fingers up against the back of her scalp and made a first, pulling at her snowy white hair.

The pleasure overload was too much for her tiny body, and she moaned loudly into his flesh as she finished.

He shook in her grasp, emptying hisself inside of the female, then separated himself from her, leaving her broken and bred.

A satisfied chuckle escaped his lips, and he shook his head. "Ah be goin' ta' clean myself up, girly- you'll be fine fer an hour a' so. Trolls can go up ta' a week wit'out wata." And with that, he wandered off.

Tulushi collapsed. The only thing holding her in place was the manacles he'd strung her up with.


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Asmindara crouched beside her mate and knit her brow together. Without making any attempts to wake him, she began to rub where he'd gotten injured- over his heart. Her ears flattened. This was heart-wrenching. Sniffing, she clasped her hand over her face and began to sob quietly. The night around the pair was cold- too cold. If he were to wake up, then only thing he'd hear was her whimpering.

He groaned a bit, wincing as he shifted his position. His ears twitched, hearing the whimpering sounds of sobbing coming from Asmindara. He barely began lifting his lid open, fluttering it more and more wide and turned to look back at her. She would see a sort of confused expression. "Asmindara..?" He stated, her hand over his hear then reminded him, as he sat up in a slight panic. "Where ahr we?! How'd ah get 'ere?!" Instinctively, he pulled her close to his chest, shielding her with his arms.

She collapsed against him. He'd feel her fingers against his neck- it was as if she never wanted to let him go. "You're okay-" She managed to choke out, tilting her head up to kiss his cheek. Loudly, she sniffed. It seemed like something was wrong- something that wasn't just him and how he'd been wholly unconscious for the past couple of hours.

He looked rather astonished, patting his chest. " bullets, dey went right inside meh!" He looked down at his mate. "how did joo--?"

She laughed, then positioned herself so that she was sitting cross-legged behind him. "Here, lay in my lap." When he did, she sniffed, then began to tuck his pink hair back and out of his face. "I met a man who helped save your life." Her voice squeaked. "He left before you came to, but I'll always be grateful to him." She smiled through her tears and continued to tuck her fingertips into his mass of brilliant tresses.

He was too dumbfounded to really object to her affectionate tones, as he laid upon her lap and simply looked up at her. "Et wasn' a shaman, by any chance, was et?"

She shook her head. "No shaman, no." She whispered. "Tell me how you feel." Her voice was still shaky, as if she wanted nothing more than to cry.

He could feel a few tears drop down upon his head, as he reached one hand up and wiped the back of his knuckles tenderly against her cheek. "Ahm feelin.." He wrapped one hand around his neck, feeling a bit stiff. The troll would clear his throat. "Ahm feelin' good-- realleh' good actually..." There was a sort of haze in his eyes, disbelief that he lived through even this ordeal.

She nodded, then sniffed again. "Good." She said quietly, rotating her ears back. She was quiet. Withheld. This wasn't like her- she always had so much to say to him. And now? She bent at the waist, moving to press her lips against his own.

"Sei'ten?" She said quietly, disturbing the calm, dark jungle atmosphere.

He was sort of motionless from the kiss, though his lips moved subtly against her's. "Yes, love?" He stated.

She smiled again. "I want you to know something." She said, still choosing to stay quiet, as if she was talking to only him.

He simply arched his head up, looking at her with a sort of upset expression. "Es every'tin alright?" He reached one arm up, cupping the side of her cheek with his palm.

She nodded at him. It was hard to tell, but she was still crying- the night stung her cheeks, reminding her that she was crying. Laughing, she wiped her face. "I love you more than anything in the whole wide world." She said quietly, and in a very meek tone of voice.

He smiled softly, wrapping his long arms over her neck and pulled her close to his face, as he nuzzled against her. "I feel de same way, Asmindara.." he kissed her cheek. "Ah kno' ah usualleh' take tings lightleh', but ah wantcha tah kno...ah'd be willin' tah change mahself fo' joo."

She began to cry, pausing only to kiss him. "Know that right here.. right now-" She sniffed again. "You're seeing the truest part of me. Please." She paused. "Remember that. Please." She squeaked.

He looked up at her, pulling her hand to the bloodied print she originally left when they first decided to become mates. "Ah had a horrible nightmare, Asmindara.." He gulped heavily. "Ah dreamt dat ah drove joo away somehow..." The hand pressed against her, pressing down on his beating heart. "Ah /swear/ ah'll nevah do dat again. Ah'll stop bein' unfaithful, ya--." He furrowed his brows. "Is dat clear?" A slight tear traveled down his cheek, passing over his ear and dried into his sideburns.

She wrapped her arms around his head and nodded, moving to rest her forehead against his. "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me, Sei'ten." She whispered. She said nothing more, just sat there, crumpled up in the dark. She had been defeated, and next she would defeat him.

He planted kisses all over her neck and cheek, crooning out. "Stop...stop, ahm 'ere..joo saved meh." Finally, he looked around the vicinity, arching his head against her lap. "Hey..joo took meh tah where mah first village was..." He sort of gave a slight chuckle, pointing to one direction. "Das where mah hut jostah be..."

She nodded once, then sat up and smiled. Afterward, she nodded a second time. "I tried to remember. I thought that if anything were to happen, you'd want to be where you came into this world." Lie. Automatically, Asmindara looked toward where his hut used to be. Quietly, she began to recall the events of his life and more significant parts of his childhood.

He sighed, looking around. "Ef an'eetin' were tah happen, ah'd liek tah be near joo most of all." He sat up slightly, leaning his head more against her stomach than lap, giving him a good visual of the terrain. "Ah don' even remembah da faces ovh mah folks much. Ah foh'sho don' kno' dere names. Ah remembah me n' mah ol' man didn't get along so well tho', love." He put his hands behind head, adding more reinforcement. "Though one time he took meh out huntin', foh' no damn reason; we walked foh' hours, barely bein' able tah hold mah spear. But et was mah first hunt, an' ah remembah feelin' so proud ovh mah accomplishments. He was proud too, nevah seen him give meh much affection, but he called meh a strong troll. Wen we were walkin' back, he taught meh one ting dat always stuck..." He sighed out, "Et don' realleh mattah where ja come from-- ja gotta make jer own damn destineh'." He chuckled to himself. "Das actualleh' sumtin' mah fadda tol' meh. Bastard wasn' good fo' an'eetin, but dat sorta always stuck wit' meh, probably de onleh good memoreh' ah have ovh him."

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into her, closing her eyes. "I want to stay here tonight." She said quietly. "With you. I don't want to be with anyone else." Her chest was aching- the pain tore through her entire body, but she wasn't going to leave him. Not yet, at least.

He nodded, pulling her close to him for an elongated kiss. "Ah want nuthin' moh' den dat.." She would feel the easy breathing brushing against her face.

Gently, she took her boots off, then pulled him so that he was laying on his back in the middle of the sparse jungle. He'd feel as her curls fell against his shoulder, then her fingertips as they crept across his stomach. This was how it felt to truly love someone. When you get to the point where you forcefully sacrifice your own happiness for another- that was it. Thoughts poured through her head, each one an antidote or saying she head in passing years ago in some dingy Inn. He'll be better off. This way, he won't get hurt. This way, the Forsaken reaper won't fucking /kill/ him. She pursed her lips. "You are strong." She said quietly. ".. I've always admired your strength."

He snorted a bit, rolling his eye. "Ef ah was as strong as you tho'.." He said teasingly, though there was some sincere tones to his voice, as he placed one hand on top of her hip. "Das /real/ strength, love..." He said nothing more, as he pressed against her lips, kissing her. He'd retract his head, and push in close.

She kissed him back, momentarily reveling in the taste of his lips. How long would it be until she could feel his flesh so close to her own again? She tucked back one of his thick, haphazardly braided locks and faked a smile. Sure, she was strong- strong
enough to break his heart. She closed her eyes, but refused to look away from him, staring once she opened them back up again. "Don't ever change yourself." She said quietly. "Ever."

So it was, despite the ever looming heartbreak that foreboded the Forsaken, Asmindara was destined to shatter Sei'ten. Throughout his whole life, he has never found someone he could imagine actually being good with, not until she came along. They stayed in that cozy spot under the tree, where he was born, where she saw his life unfold, and embraced each other in the purest way. The sun began to rise, as it glimmered perhaps a hint of hope against them. They would doze against one another, as the blanket of the sun's rays warmed them up. For now, the cold part was over-- the storm was yet to unfold.
I decided that if Vincent Valentine was real, I would do everything I could to have sex with him.


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